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Just Being Creative

I have been taking a break from building CUSTOM Bows.  I have been enjoying just building what ever comes to me. I have been experimenting with some new Materials and styles of bows. 

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I have been working with Shorter (Hunting Bows),  Longer (Traditional Bows), New styles and Old styles.  I have been working on bows to shoot from Horseback. I had a lot of request and no time to come up with one.

I have been building for Family,  I have been unable to, while building CUSTOMS. 

Taking time to see the view!


I do hope you will Look over my pages of Custom Bows and be inspired to try new things. I am still taking a break, but if I can help you with your bow building or buying get in touch by email.

Behind the Scenes

I am having a blast just trying out old and new projects.  I have even made a few custom arrows out of Red Osier and Turkey feathers (someone ran over 4 turkeys on the road in front of us and I had time to collect my own feathers).  I had just gotten to busy to enjoy the small things.   BUT IT IS COMING BACK and I AM ENJOYING myself and ARCHERY.